How to gather a clients paperwork using our Rental PreApproval Form

One of the unique features of our site is our Rental PreApproval Form which allows you to pre-approve clients and gather their paperwork prior to showings. All you have to do is send the PreApproval Form on your dashboard.

how to send a rental preapproval form


  1. Login here
  2. Under My Applications you should see your PreApproval Form.
  3. Click the “Send” button next to it.
  4. A popup should appear. Enter the email address you want to send the application to then click “Add”.
  5. When you’re finished adding all of your clients information click the “Send” button
  6. Follow up with your client to make sure they received your email and explain that: “Most landlords prefer to work with clients that are preapproved and have all their paperwork together. By filling out a rental preapproval form we’ll also be in a better position to secure an apartment. More specifically, if we apply on an apartment and another tenant applies at the same time it’s likely the landlord will move forward with us vs. the other prospective tenants since we have all our paperwork together.”

Some of our users prefer to use a custom rental application in manual mode to gather a clients paperwork prior to an appointment. This is an alternative to our PreApproval form.