Frequently Asked Questions

Which Credit Bureau do you use to run credit reports?
We use Transunion to process all our credit reports.

Do you run credit in the preapproval process?
No. This process is only used to gather paperwork. We only suggest running a potential tenants credit report for landlords who have a client ready willing and able to apply on their apartment.

How much does the platform cost?
Our platform is free to use to process rental applications. There are no monthly or per user fees. A tenant pays for their background check upon applying for an apartment. The cost of this tenant screening report depends on the firm and the reports needed. See our pricing page for a breakdown of the cost of the reports.

Can I set my forms up so the tenant is not charged upon applying but only after I have revieewed their application?
Yes - you can set up your application to charge the clients card and run background checks immediately upon them submitting their application (automatic charges) OR you can set your applications so that the tenant can apply, you review their application and paperwork for free and when you are ready to charge their card and run the reports you click one button.

Why do we need an on-site inspection to sign up?

This is for compliance purposes. The credit bureaus require us to send an independent thrid party to your office to make sure you are a legitimate establishment, with a locked filing cabinet, shredder and signage and a few other items. This is to avoid abuse of our platform and credit reports. This process is called credentialing.

Alternatively we can use TransUnion SmartMove which allows us to avoid this situation and credential the tenant upon them using our platform.

Can I add a fee on top of the cost of the report?
Yes. We digitize your rental application and you set the price of any additional processing fees. So we would charge $19.95 for credit, $10 for eviction ($29.95 total). You can charge the client $100 and keep the $70.05 difference (minus any credit card processing fees). We direct deposit any application fees you charge into your bank account on the first of the month. Any balance you carry is paid out on the first of every month.

What are the differences between the accounts?
This is the account holder. There could be only one admin. They are the only account that can see the deposits into the bank and how much to charge on applications. They can also add users to the account, create applications and view anyone's application from the team.

This person has all the same rights as an admin except they can’t view payment details.

This person can only send and view applications they have received.

Can I customize our application?
Yes you can create as many applications as you want. You can also customize them with our drag and drop form builder.

Can I embed the application onto my site?
Yes every account - whether an Admin, Manager or Agent - receives a unique link to their application. That unique link has their contact information on the top right of the page. This unique link can be added to a website or sent via email. If a tenant fills out that unique link the account holder gets notified that they received a rental application.

What email notifications exist?
Agents get notified anytime there is an application sent that was completed. You can configure who gets notified when a form is filled out. NOTE: you do NOT get a notification when an application is saved.

Agents / Managers also get an email notification when their accounts are created.

Agents / Managers get an email notification when a credit card declines. There are instructions for the applicant to go in and resubmit their card details.

What is the difference between a saved and submitted application?
When a tenant starts filling out an application they have two options at the end “Save for later” or “Submit”. If they submit the application is locked and they can’t edit it. We do this for compliance purposes. If they save the application for later we email them their login credentials so they can login at a later time to complete their application.

What's your refund policy?
We do not issue refunds once background checks are run. The account holder is responsible.

What are the credit card processing fees?
30 cents per transaction + 3.4% of the application fee. The application fee is not to be confused with the total cost of the application to the tenant. It’s the additional fee the admin added on top of the cost of the reports. pays its own application fees.

Cost of a dispute?
If a client disputes a charge the credit card processing company charges $15 for the cost of the dispute. The admin is also responsible for the cost of the report. All of this gets deducted from the account balance. works with the admin to supply evidence the charge was authorized. If PAR wins the case the admin gets her application fee back + the $15 fee.

Cases are won 50% of the time.

Why does charge the admin in the event of a dispute?
The way PAR looks at it is the admin is our client and responsible for payment. The tenant is the admins client. We sell the report to the admin and the admin sells the application to the client.

Can you accommodate lease signings?
Yes through our rental applications integrate with DotLoop a third party website that’s similar to docusign but tailored to real estate professionals.

Why do I need to submit my SSN and Tax ID to start collecting payment?
The credit card processing company requires this for compliance to verify the business and the individual behind the business are legitimate.

Note: the admin could only enter the first part of enable payment to start charging application fees. However, payouts will be disabled until the admin enters all their information.

Can I collect rent or security deposits through your platform?
No we are solely an application processing company.